Roasted Cabbage W/Onion Dijon Sauce

A great veggie side dish, a nice break from broccoli or cauliflower. The sauce it what makes it so good...make extra, serve with other veggies or meats. I'm not even a mustard lover, but this is amazing. Roasted Cabbage W/Onion Dijon Sauce Ingredients: ½ medium green cabbage (about 1½-lbs)1 TB. garlic-infused olive oil (or bacon... Continue Reading →

Cheese Sauce

Sometimes the same old vegetables get boring...we just need new ways serve them. Sauces are easy, tasty, and in some cases can help you get your healthy fats in... Cream sauces are good, but cheese sauce is WONDERFUL!! This is also good on meats, like a Philly Cheese steak Bowl....or pork rind nachos. Cheese Sauce... Continue Reading →

Zucchini Skins

Looking for a side dish that’s a little different? Missing some party time potato skins? Need a simple potluck food that everyone will love? Try these!! They are delicious and super easy, can be made on the grill or in the oven and seasoned any way you like it. Zucchini Skins Ingredients: 1/2 lb. bacon4... Continue Reading →

Easy Mashed Cauliflower

Cauliflower seems to be a key ingredient in the keto world, just like eggs or zucchini. I have never been a fan of cooked cauliflower, mashed or otherwise...but over the last year I have kept trying to make one I like so I have that mashed potato replacement that we all seem to need. Here... Continue Reading →

Simple Keto Hacks and Ideas

Keto is not difficult and once you understand the basics, it's downright simple. The Basics - Under 20 carbs No grains (wheat, rice, oats, corn...) No root vegetables (potatoes, sweet potatoes, beets...) No sugar (this means fruit too) Find your macros(macro calculator) Track your food (I like Cronometer) Calories count, no matter what anyone says,... Continue Reading →

1 Minute Muffin

I am always looking for quick, easy and yummy breakfasts. I don't mind eggs, but plain eggs get old fast and fancy eggs take more time than I am willing to spend in the morning. I tried the omelet style breakfast muffins, they're good but just not a fan of cold egg or reheated eggs.... Continue Reading →

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