Apple Pie Chia Pudding

Chia pudding is one of my favorite breakfasts and can be a healthy dessert. I often make a batch of vanilla chia pudding and change it up during the week with different toppings...this has become of one of my favorites and I find myself sharing it a lot, so here it is. Here are some... Continue Reading →

Halibut Olympia

One of the simplest, fancy dishes you can make. Make it for a quick delicious dinner or for a special dinner for 2. If you have the halibut, chances are you have everything else in your kitchen. Halibut Olympia Ingredients: 2 tbsp Butter1 large chopped onion (sliced is typical, but I prefer diced)SaltPepper1 tbsp dry... Continue Reading →

Chicken Curry Soup

I love curry, but not spicy. This recipe is not spicy at all...but you could easily add the amount of spice you like with seasoning like chili powder, peppers or sriracha sauce. This is great because you can add just about any vegetable, fresh or frozen. Firmer veggies should be partially cooked or sauteed before... Continue Reading →

Little to No Cooking Required

Sometimes we don't have the time, sometime we're sick or injured or just don't want to cook. Sometimes we can't cook because we are staying with family or friends, traveling or some people choose not to or just don't know how. Here are some ideas for eating keto when you can't cook. Remember to read... Continue Reading →

Food & Health Myths

There is so much misinformation out there, some is outdated and some was a fabrication made up to sell more products. More and more of these come to light every day and I expect this page will be updated frequently. On top of these myths and lies, products use tricks and trigger words to make... Continue Reading →

Chaffles & Wonder Waffles

Chaffles are not my invention but they are a wonderful and tasty idea. They can be turned into sandwich bread, burger buns, taco shells, cakes, desserts, any kind of sweet or savory bread you can think of. Wonder Waffles are at the bottom of the page The Basic Chaffle One "batch" makes 2 small round... Continue Reading →

Cauliflower Mac & Cheese

Mac & cheese is always a great side dish, it can be made simple to go with burgers or a little fancier to go with steak. It can be made in a pot or baked in the oven and the cheese options are never ending. Substitute the macaroni with cauliflower and not only do you... Continue Reading →

Refried Beans (Black Soy Beans)

I am not a huge refried bean fan, I don't need them with every taco Tuesday or Mexican food dish, but sometimes I miss them or just need a good side dish. I know not everyone wants to eat soy for clean eating and inflammation purposes...but, these taste just like regular refried beans and the... Continue Reading →

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