Lupin Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are by far the best keto chocolate chip cookies I've mad yet. I am still playing with the recipe and there may be minor changes as time goes on. Check back for changes. Lupin Chocolate Chip Cookies Ingredients 1½ cups of almond flour, fine ground2 tbsp of lupin flour ( Lupina Flour Brand is... Continue Reading →

Green Enchilada Chicken Soup

Green Enchiladas Chicken Soup Ingredients 2-3 cups shredded chicken, cooked28 oz can green enchilada sauce or make your own (see below)24 oz chicken broth1/4 cup onion, diced and sautéed in butter1 cup half and half (or heavy cream)2 cup Monterey jack cheese4 oz cream cheese, cubed and softened4 oz green salsa (red works ok too)salt... Continue Reading →

Pumpkin Fries & Hash

These taste like sweet potato fries but with 1/3 the carbs. So good, and pretty simple, but you do need a sharp peeler to get that skin off. Use this same recipe or leftover fries to make a pumpkin hash. Recipe at the bottom. Pumpkin Fries Ingredients 1 small pie pumpkin2 tsp cornstarch (optional)2 tsp... Continue Reading →

Corn Bread Muffins

These are great with Chili, soups or by themselves with butter and jelly. Change it up by adding cheese or jalapenos. Corn Bread Muffins Ingredients (this makes 6 muffins) 1 cup almond flour (or ¾ cup almond and 3 tbsp lupin flour)1 tsp baking powder2 eggs, beaten2 tbsp cream2 tbsp water¼ cup butter, melted1 tsp... Continue Reading →

Fruit Crumble (Lupin flour)

A crumble is a simple dessert that can be made seasonal by just changing the filling. This works with berries, rhubarb, you can even make "apple" with zucchini or chayote squash. Look here for directions. This also doubles very easily. Fruit Crumble Ingredients 2-4 cups prepped fruit (sweetened and cooked if needed, like rhubarb or... Continue Reading →

Lupin Dinner/Breakfast Rolls

This recipe makes wonderful dinner rolls, but I have also found that they make a great breakfast food. Top with butter and jam or use for biscuits and gravy. They are soft and fluffy. If you swap out the fine lupin flour for the coarser ground lupin...these make a wonderful "corn" bread muffin. This recipe... Continue Reading →

Lupin Flour Beer Bread

I've made almond flour beer bread, it was good....but it was almond flour and eggs, so it wasn't like real beer bread. This one is amazing and very authentic. The lower carb the beer, the lower carbs per slice. Even a regular beer is ok though. Ingredients 1 cups almond flour (sifted)1⅔ cups lupin flour... Continue Reading →

Low Carb Tortilla Ideas

If you can tolerate gluten/wheat and have about 4 carbs available in your day....there are some great ideas for low carb tortillas. I prefer Mission Carb Balance tortilla, but there are quite a few options out there. Not everyone feels these are keto, but if you accept them in your meal plan...they are a wonderful... Continue Reading →

Spinach & Strawberry Salad

A simple, light and refreshing salad. Makes a great lunch or a wonderful side dish. I used G Hughes Raspberry Vinaigrette to make this even could make your own, too. See recipe for candied pecans and berry vinaigrette in recipe instructions. Spinach & Strawberry Salad Ingredients 1/2 - 3/4 cup diced strawberries (and/or blueberries)2-3... Continue Reading →

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