Alaska Restaurants

Eating out can be fun and sometimes necessary, here are options all over the state with suggestions of what’s they have.  It can be a completely keto experience.

I have never found a restaurant I can’t find a keto meal, but most of these have something special on the menu or are very willing to make substitutions.


This list will be update constantly, if you have suggestions let me know or post them on the AlaskanKeto Facebook

While most restaurants these days offer gluten free options or will make changes and substitutions for gluten free, these restaurant offer Gluten Free Options on their menus-  🚫

Tips and tricks of eating out

Fast food tips at the bottom of the page. Also see restaurant chains at the bottom.

Anchorage/Eagle River –

  • 907 Alehouse (A) – BLT Caesar salad w/ grilled halibut, bunless burgers, tacos (w/o tortillas) and occasional keto specials.
  • Arctic Roadrunner (A) – Amazing lettuce wrapped burger
  • Back Porch Food Truck (A) – Smoked and BBQ meats, with and without sauces. Offers cabbage as a side or meat only plates.
  • Bear Naked BBQ (food truck) – wings and homemade pork rinds
  • Buffalo Wild Wings (A) – Bone in wings, w/o sweet sauces, burgers w/o buns, sandwiches and wraps w/o bread and salads. Great burgers, but for whatever reason, the don’t do lettuce wraps. It’s worth the knife and fork.
  • Burrito Factory (A) – Keto bowl (on menu), burrito fillings in a bowl. Huge portions, could easily be 2 or 3 meals.
  • Caffe D’Arte’s Coffee – Keto Coffee Menu with carbs listed on the menu for educated choices.
  • Cattle Company (A) – Steaks, salads, grilled artichoke appetizer, vegetable sides 
  • Common Grounds Espresso (A)- Keto drinks on the menu.
  • Dave & Buster’s (A) – Offers zoodles instead of pasta and lettuce wraps for anything from tacos to burgers.
  • DD’s Burgers (A) – Amazing burgers and grilled chicken sandwiches and they are happy to lettuce wrap.
  • Pho Dimond (A) – Willing to sub out rice or noodle for extra veggies in their meals. Bahn Mi sandwiches w/o bread and salads.
  • Eagle River Alehouse (ER)- Cheese crust pizza (request)
  • ☹️ Fiori D’Italia – Not willing to make any substitutions
  • Firetap (A) – Skillet pizza on the menu and will make most sandwiches in a skillet as well. Great salads too 
  • Gia Dihn (A) – Very willing to make substitutions, including cauliflower fried rice and sprouts for noodles.
  • Hott Spot (A) – Asian fusion, soups and meat skewer. Very willing to leave out noodle and rice when requested
  • House of Bread (A) – Offers bread made with almond flour and no sugar. They will make sandwiches with this bread and sell by the loaf. Anchorage location only at this time. Monday and Thursday – you can call to reserve a loaf.
  • Hula Hands (A) – Might be dirty due to sauces or seasoning. Kim chi, poke, kalua pig, kalbi…avoid bbq sauce, teriyaki sauce,
  • Humpy’s Great Alaskan Alehouse (A) – Bunless burgers, lots of seafood options, the best steamer clams anywhere and an actual low carb dinner on the menu with grilled or blackened halibut or salmon, pickled cucumbers and steamed veggies. They also have a delicious Caesar salad. (Also has a location in Kona, HI.)
  • Irie Co (A) 🎂– Keto coffee and snacks including fat bombs
  • Jeepney (A) (Foodtruck) – Fresh made pork rinds and meat dishes. (Some sauces may have sugar)
  • Jerry’s OMG Burrito (A) – Offers No-Carb burrito. No website or online menu. In the Shell station on Dimond & Old Seward.
  • Kava’s Pancake House (A) – Willing to make substitutions for keto items
  • Kriner’s Burgers and Pies (A) – Great bunless burgers, also offers a “low carb” wrap, it’s about 10 carbs and contains wheat, but tastes good. 
  • Kriner’s Diner (A) – Great bunless burgers and side salads. Other items too
  • La Mex (A) – Lettuce wrap taco’s and other tortilla free options. They also offer a cheese lined shell, I order those and peel the shell off, just leaving the cheese. It works.
  • Mocha Masters (A) – 🎂 Coffee drinks to order, snacks like muffins, brownies and bagel sandwiches. Items change daily. Also serves hot dogs and sausages that can be ordered bunless….some soups are also low cars. Owner will answer any questions about the foods.
  • Momma O’s (A) – Grilled seafood (halibut, scallops, shrimp and cod)
  • Moose’s Tooth (A) – Crustless pizza (request) 
  • Out of the Box (A) Various options including burgers 
  • Perkup (A) – 🎂 Fossil Fuel Donuts 
  • Peanut Farm (A) – Bunless burgers, wings, steak and my personal favorite is the grilled halibut. I also like to order the pizza and eat just the toppings.
  • Pizza Man (ER) – Crustless pizza  and “muscle menu” 
  • Raising Cane’s Chicken (A) – Offers “naked” tenders, deep fried with no breading. Not on menu.
  • Ramen House (A) – Miracle noodles (call ahead to request)
  • Rush Espresso (A) – Keto foods and drinks
  • Serranos Mexican (A) – Tacos without shells and the torta sandwich without bread makes a great salad. Delivers!
  • Seward’s Folly (A) – Will lettuce wrap their huge burgers, offers un-breaded seafoods, steaks, will happily swap out rice or potatoes with sauteed veggies or a huge side salad. Also offers a cheeseburger salad, a 1/2 pound burger patty on a “house salad mix with tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, hard boiled egg and bacon, topped with your choice of cheese and dressing on the side”
  • Sleepy Dog Coffee Shop (ER)- 🎂 Bulletproof Coffee & Fossil Fuel Donuts
  • Spenard Roadhouse (A)- Bunless burgers, side salads and great roasted brussel sprouts. They also have a “Bacon of the Month” special every month…a lot of them are low carb if not keto and they are great about subbing stuff like veggies in place of chips.
  • Sushi & Sushi (A) – Will make any roll wrapped in cucumber, no rice (request) 
  • Table 6 (A) – Burgers, fresh pork rinds, seafood 
  • Taco King (A) – Will make taco salads with all the toppings, and might be willing to make cheese shells??
  • Top Bop (A) – Will make poke bowls without rice. (Caution with sauces and imitation crab) Delivers!
  • Village Inn (A) – VIP Breakfast, pick 4 keto options like eggs and 3 meats instead of worrying about hash browns and toast.
  • Waffles and Whatnot (ER) – keto menu including waffles and chicken strips 
  • White Spot Cafe (A) – Offers burger bowls and other keto menu items.
  • Yukon John’s Pork Rinds (Food Truck) – Fresh made pork rinds, some flavors do have some sugar. See their Facebook for dates and locations.

Wasilla/Palmer –

  • Bear Naked BBQ (food truck) – wings and homemade pork rinds
  • Caffe Dolce 907 (W ) – 🎂 Keto cheesecake cup cakes and full cheesecake (preorder), possibly other items as well.
  • HeBrews (W ) – Has salads, lettuce wraps, and coffee with sugar free syrup and heavy cream…and soon to have “keto coffee” with coconut oil
  • Humdingers (P) – Almond flour/cheese crust. Very keto knowledgeable about keto
  • Keely’s Coffee House (W ) – 🎂 Fossil Fuel Donuts, fritattas and other keto friendly snacks
  • Klondike Mike’s (P) – Brussel sprouts, mushrooms and onion rings for appetizers and sides. Chicken parm, chicken strips, fajitas and egg roll in a bowl. All burgers can be served as a lettuce wrap. (Actual keto menu)
  • Knik Pizza (W ) – Pizza bowls 
  • Mocha Moose (W )- 🎂 Bulletproof coffee and keto treats made by Elisha’s Keto Krave
  • Palmer Alehouse (P) – Great salads (connected to Eagle River Alehouse, might make cheese crust pizza)
  • Perkup (W ) – 🎂 Fossil Fuel Donuts
  • Silver Fox Inn (W ) – Has a “Hanna Salad”, which is a cheese burger salad, also has great steaks.
  • Tailgaters Sports Bar (W )- Will make most dishes keto friendly when asked.
  • Triple J Roadhouse (H) – Steaks, burgers, salads and occasion low carb specials
  • Yukon John’s Pork Rinds (Food Truck) – Fresh made pork rinds, some flavors do have some sugar. See their Facebook for dates and locations.
  • Zushi (W ) – Cauliflower rice sushi rolls.

Parks Hwy –

  • Sheep Creek Lodge – (Mile 88, just before the Talkeetna Y.) Bunless burgers, salads and soups. Owners understand keto and will answer questions about ingredients.
  • Lattitude 62 – (Just as you get to Talkeetna.) Steaks, seafoods, salads, burger…very willing to make substitutions.

Fairbanks –

  • Big Daddy BBQ – Lots of great meats, some may have a little sugar in sauces or rubs
  • DW Grill – Egg bun breakfast sandwiches
  • Great Harvest Bread – (Fairbanks location only) Low carb breads, Thursdays and Mondays.
  • Food Factory – Offers cauliflower rice as a substitute, sandwiches and burgers (bunless) or served over cauli-rice as a “bowl”, salads and other entrees. Willing to make keto substitutions.
  • Friar Tuck’s Hoagie House – Offers any of their hoagies on a bed of lettuce rather than a roll.
  • Hot Shots Catering – Various keto friendly items
  • Ivory Jack’s – Steaks and seafood 
  • Just The Tips – 🎂 Fat bombs
  • Lavelle’s – Lost of grilled, blackened and un-breaded seafoods, meats, salads – Stick with extra veggies and no potatoes and rice and it’s perfect.
  • LuLu’s Bread & Bagels – Will make sandwich wraps with meat, cheese & veggies without the bread.
  • Pagoda Restaurant (NP) – Will make dishes with no sugar and no corn starch on request.
  • Pita Place – Will make any sandwich “pita free”. Lots of meats and vegetable choices
  • Polar Dip – Cheese wrapped sandwiches and other keto/low carb items.
  • Soba – Salami & cheese platters, portabella mushrooms stuffed with meat and cheese. Might have other stuff too.
  • Spice It Up – Indian food, fresh made and the owner is willing to work with food requests.
  • Stir It Up – Keto Coffees, snacks and even premade keto snack packs
  • Sunrise Espresso – Low carb mocha mix for coffee
  • Sun Sprout Cafe – Bulletproof coffee and keto bowls, also has sandwiches you can order w/o bread and salads
  • Taco King (F) – Will make taco salads with all the toppings, and might be willing to make cheese shells??
  • The Hungry Robot – Pizza in a portabello mushroom (on menu)
  • Wagner’s Pizza Bus – Make a keto pizza crust (fathead)

Kenai/Soldotna –

  • Buckets (S) – A “diet” menu that is quite keto friendly (their caesar salads have noodles, beware) 
  • Firehouse BBQ (S) – Lots of great meats, some may have a little sugar in sauces or rubs
  • Kenai River Brewing Co (S) – Bunless burgers, avoid on Sundays … Brunch only with nothing but bread and potato dishes.
  • Main Street Tap & Grill (K) – Lettuce wrapped burger & side salad
  • Pizza Boys (S) – Crustless pizza (request)

Seward & Sterling Hwys –

  • Gwin’s Lodge (Mile 52 Sterling Hwy, Cooper Landing) – Wings, salads, Delicious burgers(bunless), steak and seafood.

Everywhere/Chains –

  • Applebees – Bunless burgers, steaks, sauceless ribs, grilled seafood and salads.
  • BurgerFi – Green style burgers 
  • Dave & Buster’s (A) – Offers zoodles instead of pasta and lettuce wraps for anything from tacos to burgers.
  • Fossil Fuel Donuts – 🎂 Available in coffee shops all over the state. In the freezer section at J & J Foods in Wasilla. Find them at these shops.
  • Papa Murphy’s Pizza – SOME stores will make pizza without a crust if asked (Bake the same as regular)
  • Pita Pit – Any sandwich made in a bowl (on menu) 
  • Q’Doba – Burrito bowls w/o rice and beans
  • Red Robin – Wedgie style burgers with bottomless side salad or broccoli 
  • SmashBurger (A) (W ) – Lettuce wrapped burgers, roasted brussel sprouts (on menu) 
  • Subway – All sandwiches can be made into salads, and they offer an egg wrap instead of bread. Ingredients in meat can be questionable, always check nutrition for meats and sauces.
  • Taco King (A)(F) – Will make taco salads with all the toppings, and might be willing to make cheese shells??
  • TGI Friday’s – Green Style burgers, side salads, roasted brussel sprouts

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