Cakes – Tried and True

Everyone loves cake, and no one wants to miss out because they are keto. They shouldn’t have to, these recipes are keto, gluten free, sugar free, and perfect for diabetics too. They are also, and most importantly, delicious. Non-keto people, including children have tried and approved these recipes.

I have found that most people who don’t like keto desserts in general, don’t like the sweetener they are using. I prefer Pyure or Truvia (not baking blends as they have sugar or maltodextrin), or they are not using a super fine almond flour which has a way better texture.

Pure Stevia is bitter and pure Erythritol has a “cooling” effect…but when they are blended, the effects are eliminated.d8636-dsc_0548

Mug Cakes are great when you just need a quick dessert for you and a friend. Top them with my sweet cream frosting, whipped cream or a SF chocolate sauce.

A nice chocolate birthday cake always sounds good. Growing up my favorite cake was one my mom made called a “Wacky Cake” I never thought I would get to eat it again when I went keto…but after some searching I found a sugar free version made with almond flour. It’s a little different but still so very good. As ce831-40589406_2244327038928669_7071535632773808128_nan added bonus, this one is also vegan so those who are dairy free can also eat it. It is a dense cake, not light and fluffy, but the original is the same way.

A new addition to my list of favorite cakes… Peanut Butter Cake. Super rich and wonderful.

Lemon Pound Cake is a great summery dessert. This recipe shows it as a loaf, but I have had better luck with a bundt pan. I also use my favorite cream cheese frosting on it rather than the suggested icing.  I took the above recipe and changed it up to make an amazing Pumpkin Pound Cake, I use the same cream cheese frosting and a bundt pan for21597-pumpkin2bpound2bcake this one too.

How about a simple No-Bake Cheesecake? This is simple, delicious and can be changed up for whatever event you want. I usually make them in individual cup for presentation purposes and serving sizes are easier without getting out of control. You can make fruit toppings, chocolate toppings or my favorite peanut butter topping. These also make great fat bombs when frozen in bite sized servings. This one is requested by my non-keto family a lot.001c5-29133369_2000274600000582_5847556466940051456_n

Last one is not so much a cake as a bar, but it makes the best cupcakes ever. Super moist and yummy!! Pumpkin Bars can be topped with whipped cream for a pumpkin pie taste, or it’s great with cream cheese frosting.d60bc-20171112_210530


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