Grocery List

Here is my basic grocery list, with these items I can make just about anything. I change up the meats and vegetables to fit my moods.

You can find some of my favorite recipes HERE!


Bacon Almond Flour -Fine ground
Deli Meat Coconut Flour
Breakfast Sausage Pyure or Truvia (sweetener)
Smoked Sausage **no bakers blends, they have sugar
Hot Dogs Baking Powder
Hamburger Baking Soda
Chicken Breast/Thighs Cocoa Powder
Tuna/Fresh Fish Vanilla (other extracts)
Pork Loin/Chops Seasonings/Spices
Pepperoni/Salami Chia Seeds
Ground Flax Seed
Zucchini Coconut Oil
Romaine Pumpkin Puree
Avocado Whey Protein
Lettuce Peanut Butter
Cole Slaw Mix/Cabbage
Cucumber Ranch (I make my own now)
Berries Caesar Dressing
Onion SF BBQ Sauce
Garlic Low Sugar Ketchup
Spinach Mustard
Cauliflower(Fresh/Frozen/Riced) Mayo w/Avocado Oil
Radishes, peppers, celery, mushrooms Pickles
Olive Oil
YQ Yogurt(plain) Olives
Heavy Whipping Cream Meat Sticks
Sour Cream Nuts
Ricotta Pork Rinds
Grated Mozzarella Drink Drops
Cream Cheese SF Jello
String Cheese SF Syrups (Torani)
Block Cheese
Sliced Cheese
Milk Substitute
**(coconut, almond, macadamia…)

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